Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.
John D.Rockefeller

Why To Give

Given its unique and politically significant location, its one-of-a-kind curriculum and an early precedent in attracting the best academic minds in the world, the ADA University is unrivalled among institutions of higher learning for the promise it holds. 

ADA is a vision of future brought to life. Our vision and strategy are based on four pillars: Global Leadership, Innovative Learning, Responsible Citizenship and Thriving Location. Supporting ADA means supporting these four pillars.

Why To Give

Four Pillars of ADA University

ADA University prepares innovative global leaders, who are committed to making a difference throughout the world. We offer knowledge with global breadth and depth. We have started as a national school, but aspire to become a global brand. For both students and faculty, ADA University emphasizes both collaboration and the strength and unique contributions of the individual. In other words, this new, smart and green campus is fast becoming the most fertile intellectual ground preparing the next generation of global leaders.
ADA University is a clear intellectual epicenter in the region. Students at ADA learn not just from professors, they also learn from their diverse group of peers. Together, they work with instructors in a collaborative and open environment where the flow of ideas is highly encouraged and valued. ADA is a culture of collaboration, teamwork, analytical thinking, critical reasoning and strategic planning. The university has begun to make its mark, spreading innovation in Azerbaijan’s education system and capturing the attention of interested parties all over the world.  
As ADA University prepares future leaders for a changing world, the university is playing a guiding role in bringing change to Azerbaijan itself. Through its innovative learning model, groundbreaking research and dedication to giving back to the community, ADA University is fast becoming a potent force for training new minds and developing new ideas critical to Azerbaijan’s development. We share philosophy of worldwide education and encourage principles of responsible citizenship.
Baku and ADA University are both a living laboratory and will remain so for many years to come. In this thriving, cosmopolitan city and university, students feel they are part of a groundbreaking, transformational change in Azerbaijan as the ADA University quickly becomes a new element in the national identity and on the international map. ADA thrives in concert with the capital city of Azerbaijan.

Supporting ADA means supporting education and research, but also supporting an influential center of free-thinking and individual accomplishment. The leaders produced by this institution will go on to do great good in the global community, and they will forever be connected to the campus in Baku where they worked together and learned with some of the greatest minds.  
The ADA Foundation is the lifeblood of the ADA. This is an ambitious and worthy goal, and we hope you will join us in its pursuit.