The 13th Baku Summer School successfully came to the end

The 13th Baku Summer School successfully came to the end

On July 19, 2019, the 13th Baku Summer Energy School came to its end after the intensive two-week-long energy course held in collaboration with ADA University, the State Oil Company of the Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR) and BP in Azerbaijan.

BSES is the brand energy course of ADA University that specifically designed to provide a platform for transforming cutting-edge knowledge on planning, managing and creating a partnership on oil and gas sector, convey the latest market updates and trends through the lens of ministers, high-caliber professionals from SOCAR, Total, Exxon Mobile and experienced faces from a wide spectrum of organizations, public-private agencies, representatives of academia.
Throughout the program, 31 participants representing  8 countries, including Azerbaijan, US, Vietnam, Turkey, Australia, Hungary, Greece, Mexico were able to widen their horizon on energy affairs.
As a part of BSES's enriched agenda, the participants were given a possibility to involve in simulation games in order to grasp the essence of this industry, gain a perspective about the management of energy crisis, and also negotiation on the natural gas deal.

The BSES attendees also visited the historical venues such as Bibi-Heybat oil fields, Sangachal Oil Terminal, and BTC Pipeline, mingled in focused presentations, panel discussions, and Q&A sessions.

"As a researcher, I would never gain access to these esteemed and knowledgeable individuals. The ADA staff organized an outstanding conference, provided opportunities for understanding energy on a global level that unmatched of any experience in the world, and also contributed us to gain a clear perception of the complex nature of energy and its future." said Associate Vice President for Research and Sponsored Projects of Texas A&M International University PhD. John C. Kilburn.

The 13th Baku Summer Energy School came to its end by granting a Certificate of Completion to the attendees.