"Temiz Olkem" project increases eco-awareness among school students of capital Baku

The recycling project of "Temiz Olkem” is in full swing with the range of eco-awareness training held at schools.

As the ultimate goal of the project is to create public awareness on plastic littering in society, the project steps into the next level by running interactive lesson at the Educational Complex No. 132-134 with the aim of to provide the school students with solid and practical knowledge about the preventative measures against the plastic contamination.

The specialist of the Republican Child and Youth Development Center and ADAF’s director of Sponsorship Projects Firuza Aliyeva informed the students on plastic, its history of usage, and also the hazardous consequences of plastic conversion into waste.

“The mass use of plastic is tremendously common in the modern world due to its low cost and steady features. Yet the hazardous impact and magnitude of plastic contamination into the environment is immeasurable.

What we really need is to protect nature and also to restore the ecological balance by creating a deep insight and raising of awareness among the young generation.” said Firuza Aliyeva.

The Republican Child and Youth Development Center is actively carrying its mission toward cherishing the young generation with the eco-perception and culture, widen the scope of the environmental movement of school students by organizing Eco Clubs. Pursuing its mission, the Center successfully implements diverse eco-lessons and projects in the Baku schools. Having shared the same duties, ADA University representatives also participate in this kind of lessons and provide students with detailed information about the "Temiz Olkem" project and its goals.

The "Temiz Olkem" recycling project is jointly implemented by ADA University, the ADA University Foundation, and Coca-Cola Foundation with the support of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources and AzEkol LLC.